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Mother and son artistic image during a maternity shoot by Massart Photography in RI

Massart Photography captures a maternity session

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YIKES! Posing for my own maternity session was a big eye opener… Every time I shoot a maternity or boudoir session, I wish women were more daring with allowing me to get artistic. Of course, some do and prefer to keep them private and I would never pressure anyone to go public with their personal images but I had been ITCHING to get creative with a shoot. As photographers, we sometimes get a bit selfish and want to shoot for ourselves so I had planned on doing a model call for a free session so that I could play but time always got away.

I knew I was going to have to put my money where my mouth is and share my own images and I thought I was fine with that but wow, it’s much scarier than it sounds! Let’s just say that I have a newfound respect for anyone who books boudoir and boudoir maternity sessions! I have also learned that balancing with your eyes closed is extremely difficult, I’ll keep it in mind!

I have to say that having hair and makeup professionally done really added to the experience. Our beautiful inside and out friend Sabrina from Salon Sapphire in Johnston squeezed me in and I can’t thank her enough. She has become so much more than a client and we love having her as part of our Massart Photography family for our clients!

The fact that I was further along than I had wanted to be, that I wanted to do so much creative bucket list portfolio stuff and the fact that I’m hormonal meant that it was a bit stressful. When I have a vision, I get pretty specific; poor Seth was so nervous and admitted he was sweating through the whole thing! ?  Aside from the stress, it was really nice getting to focus on our little guy whom we can’t wait to meet!

Unfortunately, one hungry and tired four year old meant that we weren’t able to get any of the three of us, at least we weren’t willing to try lol, but we do have plans to capture some. This time I’ll get to keep my clothes on! Phew!

I hope that by me putting my big girl pants on, or I should say by taking them off ?, I can motivate some mamas to do the same. Whether you share them or keep them private, there is zero pressure but these are really nice to have for your family and also make some gorgeous wall art. Plus did you know that we provide all maternity gowns and skirts you could possibly need? (This black lace dress was actually donated by our last maternity client, thank you Anastasia!!!)

I’m going to post this and then go hide under a rock now! Thanks for your support!

                          xo, your favorite prude!




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