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Massart Photography New Year’s Resolution 2017:  Take More Photos!

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About a month ago, we set out to write our New Year’s Resolution blog, focusing on the importance of taking more family photos. We brainstormed the content, got a little witty (if we do say so ourselves!) and then fell off the wagon. What happened?? Can’t say for sure! We got caught up in all those things you promise yourself you’ll do in the new year while business is a little slower. All the catch up stuff that you don’t have time for during the holidays. And in the course of all that…Seth thought Sari was posting it, Sari thought Audrey was posting it, Audrey thought Knox was posting it…alright maybe we can’t blame Knox! Anyway you get the point! So from here on out we resolve (pun intended!) to be better about blogging. And here’s last months post…as you may have guessed we already fell off the wagon with the gym resolution too!

Color family photo collage of mother, father and son

Every year I saunter through the doors of my gym on January 2nd (after recovering from New Years Eve on the 1st!), dressed head to toe in brand new “athleisure wear” that I bought with a Christmas gift card in anticipation of my grand return to fitness. The first thing I see is that we are all making the same resolution: get back to the gym! After wasting 12 months of membership fees and packing on a few extra pounds in the previous year, we’re determined to get back in shape…am I right?! But the gym is so full! I can’t get on the machine I like, tucked in the corner where no one can see that I’m tired and sweaty after five minutes on the treadmill with no incline. At this point I immediately declare my trip to the gym a waste of time and vow to not return. After all, how can I work out in such conditions?? And this is my excuse for the rest of the year…

If you’re in the same boat (or even if you’re not and you actually go to the gym on a regular basis), let’s talk about a much more fun resolution that won’t leave you out of breath and sore. Take more photos! How simple is that?! And I don’t just mean professional photos, which of course have their place…newborns, first birthdays, yearly family portraits and our new favorite, styled shoots (head over to our website to check out some samples of these sessions…they’re super fun and glamorous!). I’m talking about cell phone and/or personal camera photos of your every day life. It’s so easy to get busy and caught up in the ordinary-ness of daily life that we forget how precious and fleeting these moments are. Blink and your baby is now a toddler…don’t miss the moments in between! It doesn’t matter that maybe the quality isn’t great, the lighting is a little dark, or you didn’t get your spouse’s best angle. The content of these photos, the precious moments they’re capturing, that’s the important part. And trust me, you’ll treasure these photos down the line and you’ll be sorry if you don’t have them. The other thing I always like to stress is printing these photos. In today’s digital age, I think people overlook or forget this step. It’s great to have the photos all backed up on your computer or external hard drive, but printing them is a way to make sure they’re not lost if and when something happens to your backup system. I mean, who even knows what or where the cloud is anyway?? It also makes them so much easier to look through yourself or show family. Here are a few of our recommendations for photo printing:

Free Prints by Photo Affections


Choose photos from your computer or social media accounts, edit and choose sizes in the Free Prints app and have prints sent to your house…up to 1000 per year. All you pay is shipping!



Using this app, you can take the photos off your device and put them into a monthly photo book for only $2.99 per month! There is also usually a promo code on the website to get your first book free.



This website provides a myriad of options for your photos, from prints to photo books to gift ideas (mugs, calendars, etc.). There are usually promo codes for discounts available as well.

And of course we can’t end this post without talking about the importance of professional photographs. Getting frequent family photos done will provide your children with beautiful visual representations of their childhood, and memories to pass down through the generations. One of our favorite new offerings is lifestyle portraits. During these unique and personal sessions, we come to your home and photograph your family in your most comfortable and natural setting. We capture real and genuine interactions between all members of your family, including pets! These sessions also include an album to tangibly preserve these memories.

Black and white baby portrait collage

So while I suppose I shouldn’t tell you to completely forget about the gym resolution (you know, in the name of good health and all), if you do nothing else, take more photos! It’s sort of like saving money, you’ll never be sorry you did it! Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to a magical 2017!


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