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Wedding day portrait of bride and little boy with mini vintage car and antique Rolls Royce

Massart Photographers Capture a Wedding Encore Session

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A couple years ago we met a couple who have quickly become two of our favorite people: Sabrina and Mike! They came to us for a wedding consultation and by the end of the appointment we were pretty sure we not only had another 2016 wedding to shoot, but two new besties! (They booked a couple days later!) Since then, these lovebirds are happily married and Sabrina has opened her own salon in Johnston, RI called Salon Sapphire. We’ve been having her do our family’s hair since we met her, and this is where her love story with Knox began. Yes…I said love story with Knox…our 3 year old! He has developed such an adorable little crush on “My Sabwina”, as he calls her. Watch out Mike!

Anyway, I got a little ahead of myself with the story of how this encore shoot came to be. Sabrina and Mike got married at Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln, RI on October 9, 2016. Like all weddings, we planned to do a lot of their photos outside. But that day, it rained. And I don’t mean just rained…I mean rained cats and dogs and horses and cows…buckets of them! We attempted to go outside a couple times and get some shots under the large awning that Kirkbrae has, but the rain was literally coming in sideways. This was the first time we ever had a wedding that we literally couldn’t find a break in the rain or covered area to take some outdoor photos and we felt terrible! Not to mention poor Sabrina had already had such a difficult week leading up to the wedding. There were a series of unfortunate events starting with an illness in the family, then she totaled her car, then she totaled her rental car, and then the antique Rolls Royce that was scheduled to pick her up on her wedding day broke down…the poor girl couldn’t catch a break! After realizing we simply could not get any photos of her and Mike outside on their wedding day, we decided we had to do something special for them and that’s when we came up with the concept of this last minute encore photo shoot. We contacted some local vendors (with a two day notice!) who generously donated their time and goods to help us create a beautiful setting to capture the photos Sabrina and Mike had been dreaming of.

I should mention that despite the mishaps and unfortunate weather, Mike and Sabrina’s wedding was out of this world. Between the emotion, their personalities and surprise performances, it’s one we will remember forever! If you want to see for yourselves, here it is: Sabrina and Mike’s Wedding

Now, enter Knox! In the time between Sabrina and Mike’s engagement session and their encore photo shoot, we really got to know Sabrina and while she was around, Knox developed his little crush, which only grew with each appointment or random time he saw his “Sabwina!” He even left Mike a message on the wedding day warning him to take good care of “his Sabwina”! When he heard Mommy and Daddy were going to take pictures of Sabrina and Mike, he insisted that he was coming along. So we figured what the heck…we dressed him up in a little suit, grabbed his mini vintage car and off we went! And in true Knox fashion he bumped Mike right out of the way and stole his girl!

We want to truly thank the vendors who helped us make this day possible. They generously donated items that made the setting even more gorgeous and helped us create some unforgettable moments.

Briel from Uniquely Chic Vintage brought the couch, chairs, table and some of the tableware.

Lisa Marie from Creative Ambiance Events lent Sabrina’s bouquet and some of the table décor.

Five Star Limousine let us use their gorgeous vintage Rolls Royce.


Thank you everyone and congratulations to Mike and Sabrina…or should we say Knox and Sabrina?! ?



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