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Rhode Island photographers capture a Blithewold wedding in Bristol, RI


We met Kelly and Chris in June 2019 and their wedding was to take place in October 2019. The question we always ask when people reach out less than 6 months from their wedding is “why did they wait until now to book their photographer?” After meeting Kelly and Chris, we fully understood why.

They both live and work in Boston and being in the event planning business, they know the industry inside and out. With that knowledge, they knew exactly what they wanted for their special day; it was just a matter of them carving out time in their very busy schedules to get it done. We loved them from the get-go, they were so easy going and we were over the moon when they told us they chose us! They compliment each other so well and are two super down to earth people. Getting along with them is so easy and carefree. 

What can we say about Kelly and the rest of the “Spratt Pack?” (that’s her family!) They were all so warm and inviting from the moment they let us into their home. The bond that they share was such an honor to photograph. As for Chris and the Jordan family, they made us feel like we were part of the wedding right off the bat! With such love surrounding the day, it came as no surprise to us that all of the guests were there for one reason: to celebrate the marriage of Kelly and Chris!!!! From buses breaking down to chasing the sunset to touching speeches to 8-ball leather jackets, Kelly and Chris rolled with the punches and had an amazing night.
Lastly, can we talk about how breathtakingly beautiful Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arbortum is? We have “worked” there quite a few times and we are constantly amazed that there always seems to be something in bloom. Their grounds are manicured yet natural and truly the most unique we ever photograph at.





wedding dress
                                   The Spratt residence was jaw-dropping so finding the perfect spot to photograph the bride’s details was a breeze!
wedding details, invitations, and rings

We are suckers for meaningful details so the date tag on the pearls was such a treat.

wedding dress and shoes

We loved Kelly’s wedding gown SO much!

heirloom ring

Two of Audrey’s favorites: hydrangeas and a super special family heirloom piece ❤️

wedding dress and veil


                                                                                                                                              Really her dress looked good everywhere ?‍♀️
                                                         Yes, that’s her stuffy from her childhood! We kind of love to look around and see what meaningful items we can find!
groom portraits with father of groom

Such sweet moments between Chris and his dad!

groom shakes hands with father of groom
artistic groom portrait

Loving Seth’s groom portrait with dad in the background!

black and white groom portrait
groom and dad photo

Looking great Chris!

bridal robe


                                                                                                                                                            How adorable is Kelly’s robe?
mother of bride holding wedding dress


                                                                                                                                    Pure joy on mom’s face during this exciting moment!
bride getting wedding dress on in Rhode Island

The beautiful bride, the sweet mother, and the gorgeous light had us giddy!

mother of bride and bride sharing laughs for Rhode Island wedding

These two are too sweet for words

mother of bride helping bride put on pearls captured by RI photographers

Final bridal touches

black and white bridal portrait RI

Kelly, looking AMAZING

first look with father of the bride in Rhode Island home

We can barely handle this moment. Dad sees his daughter and tried to keep it together

family of bride

Then Kelly’s brother joined and their bond was just as sweet

bridal portrait

Smoke show!

outdoor light and airy bridal portraitartistic bridal portrait
family of bride drinking champagne near a limo
bride and groom first look

Chris fits right in; not afraid to show the love of his life how much he cares

portraits of bride and groom with limo in the back
mother of groom hugging bride

I love going through images and catching moments that I didn’t even realize where happening… THIS is a mother-daughter in law moment if I have ever seen one.

laughing family formals photos

We love the candids that come along with the formals and the little one helping us make everyone smile naturally! You’re hired little one!

family formal portraits and photos

Everyone is glowing

bridal bouquet and bridesmaids flowers

We loved the color palette and florals!

backlighting mansion photo of bride and groom

We were so grateful to sneak into the mansion for 7.2 seconds for a few images!

bride and groom walking away holding hands photo
interesting groom photo
wedding ceremony live music guitar seating chart

It’s time for the ceremony!

bride and father about to walk down the aisle

The bride and her father are ready!

flower girls cowboy boots

The flower girls and their blue cowboy boots are just too cute

groom crying as bride walks down aisle with dad

I don’t blame you Chris: she is captivating!

father of bride hugging groom with bride there

We hope our clients can view their images and remember what they felt in that moment in time <3

wedding ceremony bride and groom holding hands

The ceremony was unsurprisingly moving

backlight light and airy photo of bride and groom with man of honor and best woman

…and the sun was incredible! So many photographers hate the sun and we respect that, it’s a challenge but it can also make such magic!

bride and groom holding hands
couple about to get married by justice of the peace
mother and father of bride look at their daughter and son in law
silhouette of bride and groom at sunset
couple about to get married
bride and groom first kiss as married couple
husband and wife snuggle up after being married
bride and groom walking down the aisle as husband and wife

Blaring sun and moving subjects was definitely a challenge so we are so grateful for these images.

Future brides and grooms, we know you are excited but if you are reading this, please slow down ?

touching moments of bride and groom with family after ceremony

Photographer tip: do NOT put your camera down after the ceremony! It’s easy to think it’s pause time but it’s quite the opposite. We capture our MOST favorite images

immediately after the ceremony. There is so much adrenaline and joy, people forget about the camera and literally hand you gold on a platter. You can’t pose this later!

bride looking at mother of bride
bride and father of bride crying together


sister of groom and mother of groom hugging after ceremony
everyone doing cheers after getting married

I hope you all know how lucky you are <3

blithewold mansion gardens and ocean background

We say it all the time, the possibilities at Blithewold are ENDLESS! I get so excited and nervous every time because I

want to get our couples as much as we can! Here are just a few of the beautiful spots!

blithewold mansion beautiful grounds with bride and groom
groom kissing bride's hand with sun setting in the background
bride and groom laughing while holding hands photo
blithewold mansion bamboo garden

We will never skip the bamboo garden!

bride and groom laughing and in love

We had SO much fun

photo of bride and groom with flowers in the back
husband and wife portraits with blithewold mansion arch
blithewold arch with flowers all around
bridal photo with flower arch
blithewold mansion bridge with willow trees

or the bridge!

bride and groom walking in the forrest
bride and groom walking in woods with reflection
bride and groom laughing


bride and groom having their first dance together with twinkle light

Even though the twinkle lights drove us crazy by flickering (your eye can’t see it but our cameras can!) we wouldn’t trade them for the world; they are so magical and romantic!

bride and groom first dance black and white photo
formal first dance as husband and wife
first dance under twinkle lights
father of bride funny speech

Dad’s speech didn’t disappoint of course!

man of honor and best woman speech
father of bride and bride first dance
father of bride and bride father daughter dance
bride and dad formal dance
mother and groom dance

These two melted our hearts

mother and son dance with bride looking on
touching mother son dance
mother and groom hug after mother son dance
father of bride hugs friend
party dancing fun wild photos
bride and groom night photo backlight

That’s all for this blog post 🙂 Congratulations you two!



Venue – Blithewold Mansion

Caterer – Blackstone Caterers

Florist – Conway Florals

Officiant – Paula Taylor

Tent lighting/decor – Exquisite Events

DJ – Low B Music

Makeup – Glam Done Wright


I am a Rhode Island based photography studio specializing in fine art maternity, newborn, family, boudoir and wedding portraiture.



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