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Massart Photographers Capture a Kirkbrae Wedding

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What happens when the bride and groom get rain on their ENTIRE wedding day at the pristine Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln , Rhode Island? You smile and realize that even a little rain isn’t going to stop you from marrying the person of your dreams. Ok, maybe it was a lot of rain, but you get the point!

Sabrina and Mike (or Sabike as we affectionately refer to them as now) did just that but lets just back up a little bit. When we first met Sabrina and Mike for their wedding consultation, they were in our studio for just about two hours because we were having so much fun with them. When the consultation wrapped up, they walked out and about 15 minutes later, Audrey and I packed up and left only to see them still in their car in the parking lot. We had a good feeling they would book with us but we try to not get ahead of ourselves in situations like that. They later told us (over wine because we have actually become friends!) that they were talking about how they couldn’t think of anyone else to capture their day. Ok, enough tooting our own horn! Lets get back to their day; if you thought a little rain could stop this couple, think again. They had already had quite a week before their wedding from multiple car accidents, to a death in the family, to grandparents not being able to make it to the rehearsal dinner because of car trouble, to the bride’s antique Rolls Royce breaking down on the way to get her (Yep. She had no way to get to the wedding so her and her father jumped in with Audrey and I and off we went!), to Sabrina and Mike purchasing a salon (I didn’t say it was all bad ? Visit Salon Sapphire to see her sleek new spot!). They had a lot going on but all that didn’t take away from the main focus of the day…..family, friends, and most importantly, LOVE.

It’s not everyday you get to capture a marriage celebration for people that you have come to truly know and love. Take a journey with us as we relive this couple’s elegant wedding day celebration!



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