Family Photographers Warwick RI; What we at Massart Photography are grateful for…

Why are we thankful?

“Lucky” is the one word that comes to mind.

We really believe that we are two of the luckiest people alive. We have a thriving business with wonderful customers, caring family, close friends who have become family, and of course our son, Knox, who is our world! As if all these things weren’t enough, we get to sit next to each other every day all day. The happiness that this brings to us in indescribable! Does that benefit Audrey more than me?? Of course not 😉

Business and our customers:

In what seems like such a short time, we have been so fortunate for our business to flourish the way that it has. The line that we tell everyone when they ask how everything is going is “busy. NEVER going to complain about being busy, though, as we love what we do.” Does it sound like some pre canned response? Yes. Do we care? No. Because we truly feel that way. We have had the good grace to have some of the coolest and sweetest customers that we could ever ask for and it’s so amazing to be able to see their families grow.

Family and friends:

The reason why we put the two together is because we feel that at times, friends become family and we are so thankful for that. There is something special about being able to just hang out with family, or really close friends, and just relaxing. We really get to appreciate this so much more around the holidays when we get to unplug for a short time and just enjoy the good company we are in.


For those that have children (even the four legged kind), we don’t have to tell you what it feels like day in and day out. Our son Knox is our world. Every thing that we do is for him. Do we enjoy the fruits of our labor? Of course, but would it be the same without him? We really don’t think so 🙂


For those that don’t know, this is our little guy being his goofball self and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!


In the end, we are really thankful for you. Our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do the things that we do and for that, we humbly thank you.


Audrey & Seth

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