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Massart Photography’s 2017 Spring Mini Sessions in Warwick, RI!

Mini sessions the Massart Photography way!

If you follow us on social media, you already know that the photos that make my heart skip a beat are the ones that show genuine, raw emotion. Obviously, I had to use Ashley and Kenny’s shoot to prove that point! Update: Ashley is cancer free! Check out their story here and look forward to seeing their wedding portraits! Wedding photographers capture engaged couple in inspiring photo shoot in studioIf natural family portraits are what we are all about, why are we not pushing for them more? Every time we hold mini sessions, I get stressed. We have talked about this at length before in our photography group, but if you weren’t part of that conversation, I’ll fill you in. Minis are supposed to be a set number of photo, that’s kind of the point of them, but that’s where the problem came in. I think that 5 photos (that’s what our mini sessions used to include) of siblings together is wonderful because I can capture one or two of them smiling while looking at the camera and have the others be natural images and this made my heart happy 🙂RI family photographers capture a sunset beach session in mexicoI want to deliver what I believe in! The problem came when we tried to cram different permutations into mini sessions. For example, if instead of just photographing the kids together, we tried to add mom and kids then dad and kids, I could only have one or two options for each permutation and since I’m always scared to NOT deliver a “look at the camera and smile” photo, I would end up feeling like I wasn’t shooting what our real style was and what people, hopefully, hire us for (the real stuff!).

My other dilemma came when every other photographer in the world started advertising their “Mommy and Me” sessions and I wanted to join in but I couldn’t. I am never one to knock other photographers…I LOVE the idea of mommy and me! I have such a special bond with my little boy and photos of just the two of us are SO special to me. However, my little guy also happens to have a wonderful father who loves him just as much as I do. Maybe I’m lucky because of how “involved” he is, I don’t know. I just think that highlighting my relationship and not his doesn’t feel right.

So then I thought, what about a mommy and me event, and then daddy and me event? Then I thought….well if we are doing that, doesn’t it make sense that they come on the same day? Doesn’t it make sense to also do one of the whole family together? But we will need the kids alone, and what about just the kids? Where does that leave us? Back to square one, trying to cram combos and compromising quality! Of course there is a solution to this, which is to book a full session 🤓 BUT, minis are for people who aren’t able to book a full session or are just looking for an “in between” session…a few beautiful wall art pieces. 

I want to please you all but I also want to follow my heart and get you those real, beautiful moments to hold on to forever. My last issue was this: I think that grandparents are SO important. I have one grandmother left and it devastates me that she is in Belgium so far away. She suffers from dementia so I didn’t expect her to remember me or to have any idea who my son was but when we went, she might not have recognized us per se but she knew…it was in her eyes.  I have photos from that day and I can’t tell you how much I treasure them. Anyway, I really wanted to have an event for them because rarely are they included in family sessions (probably because families don’t feel like it’s allowed in their sessions!). The rare times that we have had the chance to photograph grandparents have been extra special. 

Bottom line, in order to address ALL of these dilemmas and allow myself to sleep at night, here is what I have come up with… Mini sessions with limited permutations. I know, you probably don’t love the word “limited”. Well here’s the thing, they are limited for a reason. By bringing down the number of permutations, we allow ourselves to get more meaningful products for you…real memories instead of poses. Our sessions have been changing a lot lately, from telling you to sit-and-look-at-each-other to actually DOING things such as singing songs and playing games to capture candid, genuine interactions. Similarly, engagement sessions have also evolved. No you wont be singing songs (unless you want to), but we also other things up our sleeves and we can’t wait for this wedding and engagement season! Additionally, sometimes, by doing too many permutations, I miss one… A dear friend/client recently told me she didn’t have any photos of her and her 3 children together. I gasped, I thought there was no way she was right! We had photographed their family multiple times so how could this be? I looked back and found the family together, the kids, dad and son, dad and daughters, mom and son and more…basically, anything you can think of EXCEPT mom and ALL of her three children. We are always trying to grow and improve and that was a big eye opener for me. We focus on quality over quantity so why don’t we do that when it comes to groupings? If you have to narrow it down, you are always going to choose the single photo of you and all of your kids over the two photos of you and your kids separately right?

I’m getting long winded here (this is Audrey, not even Seth!) but I hope that you understand what I’m trying to say. I’m not kidding, I have been thinking about this for months! It’s kind of ridiculous really lol.

Here is what we have come up with: A mini session with mini session pricing! A mini session that allows you to purchase the digital files at a SIGNIFICANTLY lower price than a full session would. A chance at capturing your family naturally and to focus on individual bonds by narrowing down what means the most to you… I’ll stop there, you get the gist 🙂

Spring Minis

May 24th (this allows you to gift/receive these for Mother’s Day!)

Yes it’s a weekday but we will be shooting into the evening.

The set up is the one showcased in the first collage of this post. We named this series of sessions “The Essentials” because our organic, clean and simple set up will put the focus on you and your family.

Included in your session is a gallery of 15 edited images of:

Your child/children (together and separate if multiple children)

THEN, add on any TWO permutations that suit your family the best!
A permutation is a specific grouping of people EX: “Mom and children” or “Grandparent and children” or “Dad and child”

Full styling will be available for all children! Just let us know the genders and sizes of the children you would like styled and we promise to have a timeless piece for your little one on the day of!

Sitting fee without digital downloads $199

Sitting fee with printing rights/digital downloads $399 (more info below)


Fine Print:
Maximum of 5 people per permutation
Children must be of the same immediate family, no funny business 😜
(If you are interested in capturing the bond between cousins, please contact us)

If you head here, you will see all of our product options. Even if you are a past client, we have a new line of frames to check out!

This is not a line, we only offer “non-holiday” mini sessions twice a year so don’t hold off!

For new clients: The sitting fee covers the shooting, editing and online hosting of your photos. From there, you are able to purchase any of our beautiful products which include prints, frames and canvases. Our products are of professional quality and believe us, there is a difference! Once your gallery expires, two weeks after it goes live, you will no longer be able to purchase products or view your images.

If you choose the printing rights/digital downloads option, you will be able to download the high resolution files from your session. Of course, at that point you are welcome to print anywhere you wish but please please please, stay away from consumer labs such as Wal-**rt, Walg***ns and others of the sorts. Believe it or not, Shut***fly is also highly inconsistent! Save those for your cell phone snaps and either print through us or use Mpix. By purchasing the printing rights, you are also able to take advantage of a 50% off coupon code on all of our products through our professional printing lab!!! I promise, there is a huge difference! Our paper is thick, wrinkle free, coated and more.

Book your slot now! BOOK HERE

When booking, please specify permutation choices


   Audrey & the Massart Photography team

Audrey & Seth

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