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Easter and spring mini sessions by Rhode Island photographers from Massart Photography who service CT, RI and MA

RI, CT and MA photographers capture  Spring Limited sessions in Rhode Island


Spring sessions, Easter sessions, whatever you want to call them, they might be our favorites! Something about the pastel tones and the cute little animals (ours are fake, for everyone’s sake it’s much safer that way, trust us!) totally fits in with our style! If you have been with us for a while, you know my struggle when it comes to the background because I’m pretty sure I say it every time; simple is where my heart is so I’m done being swayed by my own fears of seeming “lazy” and I’m sticking with it. I just LOVE the timeless and simple feel that puts the focus on your little babe(s)! While we won’t use the exact same decor as last year, it will be similar in style as the image below. (How cute is baby Jack???) Spring and Easter mini sessions offered by photographers in Rhode Island from Massart Photography who also service RI, CT and MA

These images will look stunning on our beautiful photo paper and your sitting fee of 190 includes ONE 7×10 archival fine art velvet print matted to 11×14 (value 190!) with the matching digital file printable up to 8×10!

See product images below.


Matted archival fine art velvet prints photographed by Massart Photography in RI

Rhode Island photographers from Massart Photography do a product showcase of their matted fine art prints

Easter and spring mini sessions by Rhode Island photographers from Massart Photography who service CT, RI and MA


As always, our closet is available for your children and it’s fuller than ever! 

Additional prints are available a la carte and begin at 140

Every image you chose to print includes a matching digital file printable up to 8×10

Products include fine art prints, folio boxes, albums, fine art canvases and framed prints – Full price list available upon request

Date: March, 22, 2020

*Our Easter Limited Edition Portrait Sessions are offered to children under the age of 16 only*

Does anyone want to hear a joke????? Ok, here goes: what animal’s favorite kind of music is hip hop? It’s not what you think…..

To lock in one of these priceless sessions and to see the punch line to the joke, head HERE




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