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Massart Photography captures headshot portraits of Tyler of Bloom Newborn Care in Rhode Island

Rhode Island photographers meet with Bloom Newborn Care in RI


This winter we had the utmost pleasure of meeting Tyler from Bloom Newborn care and well… we just fell in love with her and her energizing personality. She came in for her branding, headshot session for her Rhode Island business and the rest is history. My only regret is that she wasn’t in my life when I had my babies! The postpartum period is such a roller coaster and I know that her presence would have alleviated the waves of emotions that rushed in. Because her business ties into ours so perfectly, we thought we would introduce her here and include some of her incredible knowledge. If you couldn’t tell, we highly recommend that you check her out!


Written by: Tyler Lucchese, NCS, Certified Lactation Counselor and Owner at Baby Bloom Newborn Care Services.

Your body and mind go through many changes during and after pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, levels of the female hormones, estrogen, and progesterone, are the highest they’ll ever be. In the first 24 hours after childbirth, hormone levels quickly drop back to normal, pre-pregnancy levels and this may cause you to feel down or “blue”. 

When you arrive back home from the hospital, your focus quickly turns to your physical recovery and the responsibility of a teeny tiny new baby. Although this time may feel overwhelming, it will certainly pass as the weeks go by and you learn more about your baby. We’ve put together some helpful tips and mantras you can use to guide you through this initial time together. You’ve got this, mama.

  • Thank your body. 

Remember how fortunate (and healthy) you are to have the ability to conceive your baby, hold her in your womb, and birth her. 

  • Imagine what good change your child will bring into the world. 

Think about how your child will be contributing to future generations to come. This is your chance to begin a new chapter of your family by bringing in a fresh new life.

  • Recognize babies have a different way of communicating what they need. 

A cry can mean a baby is hungry, but a cry may also be a fed baby’s call for a snuggle or their mother’s warmth and smell. Remember that your baby just recently departed your warm, comfy and safe womb and is now adapting to life on the outside.

  • Practice self care. 

Happy moms create happy babies. You need to maintain your health and happiness to be able to care for your baby. Get as much sleep, healthy food, exercise, and overall support as possible. If someone reaches out to you and offers help, take it.

  • Join a support group for new mothers. 

No one can better understand and support the challenges of caring for a new baby than other postpartum women. For more information on support groups, talk to your doctor or visit Postpartum Support International at www.postpartum.net.

  • Take a moment to breathe. 

In the event you find yourself agitated, keep in mind you can always place your baby in a safe spot, such as her crib or bassinet, while you allow yourself to reset for a few moments. 

  • Check in with your doctor. 

Close monitoring after childbirth is so very important. If you are worried about developing PPD, have your first postnatal checkup 3 or 4 weeks after childbirth rather than the typical 6 weeks.

  • Look into newborn care services.

There are many resources to guide you through this time so you can maintain your health and properly care for your baby. You can hire a Newborn Care Specialist to work overnight, tending to your baby while you get your sleep. Postpartum Doulas provide sibling assistance, housekeeping, meal preparation and baby care. 

Remember that this time will not last forever; as we’ve heard countless times, babies grow up fast. You are the main source of safety, comfort and love for your baby. After all, she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you!

Ready to take your care to the next level? Click here to hire a Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula in your area. https://www.babybloomnewborncare.com/client-care-application

Massart Photography captures headshot portraits of Tyler of Bloom Newborn Care in Rhode Island


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