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Massart Photographers capture holiday sessions in RI

Family photography sessions with Massart Photographers in Warwick Rhode Island

Hey all! Audrey here ūüôā First off, we are so humbled by the ridiculous amount of inquiries and enthusiasm about these photo sessions but that also means that you should act quickly! ūüė≥¬†(FYI I’m an emoticon addict) Please, please, please read this in its entirety and I promise, it will make everyone’s life much easier ūüôā My goal is to set clear expectations and get you to sign up for the session that best fits your children or family.

Petite Tree farm sessions vs Petite Santa sessions! Before you skip this info because you have your heart set on one, please hear us out!

What in the world are Petite Sessions?

Really “petite” it just means small aka minis¬†but it sounds better ūüėā.¬†Our full sessions provide people with the opportunity to change outfits, capture various combinations of family members together and alone, time for little ones (and parents) to warm up to us/our cameras and more; if this is what you think your family needs, I recommend that you contact us to learn more about our full, customized portrait sessions. Petite Sessions have definite advantages (seasonal themes, cost etc), and though they do have a time limit, it’s still a whole lot¬†more than you would get with mall portraits!

How many photos will I receive?

I’m going to say it!!!¬†I AM DONE limiting myself to a specific amount of photographs! No more! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we hold petite photography sessions I get anxiety over the fact that some families have double the amount of pictures¬†as others and I end up making sneaky galleries so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings… (the struggle is real) Listen, we are all adults here, every session is different and that’s ok!!!! Are you with me? On one note, let’s be honest; babies don’t do much (I love them so please don’t hate me!). They look and hopefully¬†smile but they aren’t going to converse with each other or whisper secrets in your ear etc and for that reason, baby sessions have less images and that’s OK! I said it, I’m free!!!! This year, I’m making a promise to myself….an early New Years resolution, if you will, to not stress about the number of photos in someone’s gallery! Your family will have 20 to 30 minutes with or without Santa so please understand that we get what we get.

With a more timid child, I’m happy if we have three wonderful images because really, if you want to display your photos via wall art or holiday cards, that’s all you need anyway! On the other hand, an older child could come in and have a conversation with Santa and display a whole range of emotions; I can’t delete those photographs just because of numbers! I think that every little change in expression has to be saved because I know that, personally, I want everyone of my toddler’s¬†antics captured and stored for the future. A collection of images like these would look beautiful in a small album or make a great display of loose prints (in addition to wall art of course!). If you have been on Facebook, you have seen the amount of photos I used of our own¬†child with Santa. His first two years with a Santa session were a completely different experience (i.e. we backed him up and snuck him onto Santa’s lap like we do with lots of babies because they are petrified of the random man in a red suit) but it¬†resulted in a few, beautiful milestone portraits that we will forever cherish.

How are the Santa sessions different than photos with Santa at the mall?

I can’t even put into words the adrenaline that Seth and I felt watching our son¬†with Santa. By the way, our Santa is the real one, just saying! When children get to a point where they believe in the magic of Christmas, there is a whole different aspect to these sessions, one that I really can’t put into words… If your child still believes, please, I beg you, do not think that he/she¬†might be “too old” for a session with Santa; instead, revel in the fact that you wont have many more opportunities to capture this magic. By having a 20 minute time slot, you wont be rushed by the line of people waiting for their turn! In addition to that, if you child is afraid, we have more time to try various approaches.

Closing statements

Please know that I am in no way knocking tree farm sessions! Some people aren’t into the Santa thing. You know what? That’s cool too so a tree farm session is a perfect alternative! I love these sessions also¬†and I personally don’t know how I would choose if I had to but I’m the lucky bastard whose child gets to take part in every session (don’t be too jealous because¬†I haven’t printed a photo of him since he was one and he will be three on New Year’s Eve ūüė≥). If you are worried about your child’s reaction to Santa, this might be a perfect fit also!

I want to be a hundred percent candid with you, sessions are VERY¬†limited. This isn’t just a sales tactic to create a sense of urgency in getting you to book either. We are limiting the amount of tree farm sessions as we will be shooting them in the late afternoon/early evening aka our family time. With that in mind, we will not be adding more than the two scheduled days.¬†However, with Santa we only have him for a few hours as he books out months in advance. Because of that, we actually booked him a year ago to ensure that we could have him! Plus, he needs to get back to the North Pole with him being the real Santa and all! There is a slight (keyword being SLIGHT) possibility of another date but we are waiting to hear back, the cell phone service isn’t so great up north with the cold…

On to logistics:

Number of photos: no clue! Read above ūüėā
Cost: $250 for an online gallery and……. PRINT RELEASE!!¬†ūüė≥¬†(high resolution downloads) + 50% off of our retail price on our products! (excludes frame collection)

Date & Times:
~Tree Farm Nov 2nd:   3:30 / 4 / 4:30 / 5
~Tree Farm Nov 11th:   2:30 / 3 / 3:30 / 4

~Santa Nov 13th:   10 / 10:20 / 10:40 / 11 / 11:30 / 12:20 / 12:40 / 1 / 1:30
* children under 3 will have priority on the 30 minute slots as they are more apt to need more time.

¬†Oh wait, I forgot to mention that we have a closet FULL of adorable holiday/vintage clothing available for use! Just tell us your child’s size and we can consult!
Tree Farm Sessions location TBD
Santa Sessions location is 33 Grand Ave, Warwick, RI 02889 aka our studio

I’m ready to book! What’s next?!

Please understand that, to make everyone’s life easier, we¬†cannot hold any slots until a retainer has been paid. To secure a spot, click on the link below, then contact us through email ( to let us know your two time/date preferences. Please also include how many children will be involved in the session as well as the ages of said children. In the event that the slots have been sold out/don’t fit your availability, your retainer will be refunded. Slot preferences will be awarded in the order of which the retainers came in. Feel free to contact us at 401-822-1388 or if you have any questions.
Secure your spot with a retainer HERE (Click buy photo, select holiday retainer, add to cart, check out like any other online purchase)
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† We can’t wait to see you!!!



Didn’t I tell you he was the real deal???? HO HO HO!
behind the scenes at massart photographyNo?! Ok… how about this guy then? Seriously, we can’t tell you how lucky we feel to get to work with this professional, his way with children is unrivaled. ¬†boy poses with santa for a holiday portrait with massart photography in their warwick portrait studio RIstudio photography sessions with santa at warwick studio with massart photographerssisters pose for a holiday portrait at schartner farm with massart photography ri photographers

Audrey & Seth

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