Family Photographers Warwick RI; November 10th Fall Blog Post

Tips For Capturing Family Fall Photos

Welcome to our first blog! Starting today, we’re going to be bringing you a plethora of ideas, tips and tricks from the photography world. We can’t wait to share some really exciting stuff with you, so we thought we would start with one of our favorite topics. While we love when you come to us for your important milestones (like weddings, births, engagements, growing families, we could go on… ), we know that there are so many more special moments that you want to capture. From pumpkin picking, to decorating the tree, to your kid’s football games, the fall and winter offer amazing opportunities for photos.

Today, we’re breaking down some of our favorite tips to help you maximize all of those fall photo opportunities like a pro. Don’t look back any more at blurry, dark or unusable photos and regret those missed memories.  You don’t have to have years of training to take those frame worthy photos!

Tip #1: Utilizing light to enhance your photos

LIGHT! Light is THE most important detail for getting nice photos (well, it’s tied to the other MOST important part…capturing the emotion). The crucial tip with light though is to always have the sun behind the subject…no one wants squinty eyes and harsh shadows that make us look like raccoons! The only potential problem to look out for with the sun behind your subject is that your photo could end up too dark. I can’t tell you how many times we’re shooting at a wedding and people are behind us trying to photograph the same scene (whether with a phone or a “fancy” camera) and they get frustrated because “it’s so dark.” I KNOW that at that point they think that I have no idea what I’m doing and why would I ever place my subjects there in the first place?!

We could get into camera manipulation but we’re going to keep this blog on the lighter side. If you are interested in learning a little more in depth about all of this we have a teaser alert – keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming online beginner photography class in 2017! The next best way to avoid making your subject super dark would be to make sure the sun is out of the frame altogether. To accomplish this, you can either position the subject so the sun is behind but not in the camera…sort of behind and to the side a little. Am I giving away all the secrets here??? Of course, another option could always be to try to find some shade, but that’s just too easy, lol.

Tip #2: Style your photoshoot

Style! Just because you aren’t headed to a photo shoot and aren’t all matching (no one does that anymore anyway) doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable and add pizzazz to your casual photos. Layers, layers, layers! For girls, pairing a skirt with leggings or tights, boots with socks sticking out, or a sweater and vest with texture would add a lot of interest. For boys, pants with a button up shirt and an undershirt peeking out with a vest is always a winner. You can also always add hats but make sure those hats aren’t blocking all of the light from your subjects’ faces. Mixing patterns and colors is always a great trick, especially with fall colors!

Tip #3: Find the perfect picture location

Location! Don’t worry so much about having the kids sit at every spot to take a photo with. Let them be, and as they are having a blast and making memories…take some random photos. I guarantee they will be your favorites! Who cares if they are sitting by the mum display anyway? The more you do this, the more your children will forget about the camera and act naturally.

For clothing inspiration and a little more of a “planned” photo shoot, I’ve added some photos.

Happy Fall!

Audrey & Seth

Feel free to tag and share as you wish but please don

Feel free to tag and share as you wish but please don

Audrey & Seth

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